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...w-well, any random donation is highly unexpected, but appreciated orz ;;v;;

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    so one of the many reasons i disappear randomly all the time, among the main and most important ones, is the fact that the disorganization in my gallery, favourites etc are killing me lol
    so, to know how i should organize them, i pretty much need the metaphorical variant of those walls full of post-its and documents and strings that detectives use to make conceptual maps of the cases they're working on, and just as much dedication that the detectives themselves need ç V ç

    so far, in between the ATs i'm finishing which are top priority, i've been doing these things in an inconsistent fashion:
> writing a lot of info in one folder WIP that'll be available to the public, but always in the works ;; v,;;
> reorganizing my favourites to make my life easier orz
> organizing and writing descriptions in my gallery folders
        but this last one has much lower priority and i'm taking my time with the above before doing this hah aha; ,,;;;; , 

    i mean - see the prefixes and complicated titles in my journals and stuff? ;; o;
they're... yeah, pseudo tags or codes for me to mentally organize the category of shitposting i do everytime-- //kicked

[Nyuu now dumps this info here, but will paste it to her gallery in the future if Featured or Main have a description space orz
that, or i'll make it a separate INFO:something journal or something ; ;, ;]

INFO:  Nyuu explains her things.
    [Technically everything is "information" but probably the difference is whether it fits in an instruction manual or tutorial so yEAH YOUR VERY OWN NYUUNIVY INSTRUCTION MANUAL DOUZO YOROSHIKU]
    Comm:  Commissions rules, info and prizes, still under work before opening lol be gentle with me
    Trade:  Art trades info and rules, also still under work and hop efuLYL NOT GOING TO BUTCHER IT NEXT TIME
    Stream:'s and other streaming ideas, rare but gon happen soon enuf c8
    Nyuu:  About yours truly, except i haven't done this at all lol tho the ID/profile page technically counts?
REF:  References of anything that belongs to my stories ; v ; something i definitely need to work on orz
    [REF's subcategories structure needs a rework once i have time haha]
    Main:  Structured, properly done reference - not a single one up y et HAHHAha hh h hhh
    Draft:  Quick reference i put no big effort in and just wanted to post for reasons orz
    [other specification]: sub-references whose label will hopefully be self-explanatory h h hh
GIFT:  Self explanatory c:
    T.j.hi(dd/mm/nnnn):  "tanjoubi" rip
    [nothing written besides "GIFT"]: random, why-not gifts ;;v;; peeps gon kill me for this orz you know who you are
EXTRA:  Spontaneous stuff that doesn't follow schedule, but isn't "whatever is going on" journals and art-- actually idk
    Meme:  Tag'd or stole'd meemos :U
    Giveaway OR Raffle:  Raffles and stuff I happen to partecipate in, that need a publicizing journal to partecipate in them;;
RE:  Renewal or reprise of something i previously did ;; , v,;;
    Do:  Past drawings i re-do to compare old vs new style - very common and coolio u vu
        [should be renamed in "Draw" tbh]
    [other words]:  renewals of other stuff, hopefully with self-explanatory words ;;v;;
        [RE:Connect was its own thing, but sorta represented me moving accounts so it counts???]
#:  Spontaneous art and journals q vq
    [putting "#" or "//" at the start of a line in most programming languages (which one it is depends on the language) turns the line into a comment, a.k.a. a line that is ignored by the program so it doesn't affect it; so comments can be used to jot down things and keep track of stuff so ye]


basically Nyuu rly wants to get back to activity and interaction here on DA, so she's trying to pick herself back together through, in order of priority:
    > last touches to one AT, then going for the rest of them im so sorry;;;
    > a publicly available folder WIP, with character bios and information about my main techno psycho trash story and others
    > reorganization of favourites folders, gallery folders and descriptions
    > possibly adjusting the story of Calling into 2 co-existing, very similiar but separate versions:
        > a more Sonic FC-ish version, with it retaining almost everything it has, but the art style and locations being more Sanik and some concepts simplified into "magical energy" or something
        > a main anthro-ish or anime version, with the full in-depth techno psycho--
    wait. i didn't say that?
    oh yeah. silly me.
    i'll expand on that later on. > V>

SO Y E A ah h
anyways, i hope all of you people remember that i exist are having a great day! ç v ç / :heart:
  • Listening to: Mob Choir - 99 [Mob Psycho 100 OP]
  • Reading: scripts/storyboards/concept art of Calling
  • Watching: YT videos on sexual culture and body positivity
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: camomile


nyuunivy's Profile Picture
. nyuunivy .
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
| niv/nyuu/ivy/whatever | 17 | Female | Romantically indifferent | Sexually oblivious |

| Italian/Asian | fluent Italian, English | beginner/intermediate Japanese | beginner German |
| beginner at a Conlang I'm making rip |


ah? h-hello, a-and welcome to my page! qvq
i'm just one of the many artists on the internet that likes drawing and making stories.
started drawing for passion ever since I was 9, and I'm still 9 years old mentally still going c':
eager to talk to people here, yet i'm very slow at replying and a bit shy at interacting... so it's not your fault, i'm sorry ;;^;;

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