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...w-well, any random donation is highly unexpected, but appreciated orz ;;v;;

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aa h h hh <3333
it's rly rare for me to actively follow the continuous stream of anime that the industry keeps making b ut but ;A;
one anime specifically caught my eye this season - Mob Psycho 100.
...well, the fact that the creator is ONE, the same guy that made One Punch Man, was just the first push that made me look a bit deeper into Mob Psycho tbh
but then it hooked me because of how great it is by itself ;;v;;

i mean
i read the whole manga up to the latest update a nd
Mob/Shigeo's character has much more depth to him than you'd think l ike
...i'd rather not talk too much about this, or i'd just make this way too long and confusing, not to mention i'll surely spoil something q -q
i'm not an anime reviewer, i jus t
l ike
i j ust want to hug Mob-kun and tell him he needs to love himself more //cri es

seriously though, Mob Psycho 100 ends up talking a lot about society's expectations, following trends VS keeping to yourself and all the shades of this conflict, the process of mental growth in people, how you view yourself VS how everyone else sees you, having reputations and being accepted/liked/popular and all this...

turns out ONE is an amazing storyteller, despite his drawing style ;;v;;
i'm not saying this just because ONE made One Punch Man - well, partly because of it...
...but in the sense that, he can make more than one good story with both wit and commentary, and that's pretty great from an author c':
because u h
i'd have not much to give after Calling hypothetically made its debut and fanbase, besides more Calling:Stories orz

you know, i have the impression ONE started with the concept of "plain-looking but very powerful person struggling because of their power, and want to be recognized for what they are", and ended up thinking of more than one way the story could've went with such a person ;o;
because OPM and MP100 go in very different ways with their stories and have different underlying messages, and i love it all;;

and well... i don't know... i used to love psychic powers and ESP stuff as elements in a story back then, and i still rly do ;;v;;
augmented psychic abilities are one function/mechanic of Shiste, if you wanted-- //shotshotshot


sooooo yeh
i really hope no one here overlooked Mob Psycho 100 just because of the art style that differs from regular anime >:'c
i love me some good flowy and sharp Kameda-style animation anytime u/v/u


i want to see Mob VS Teru and the Claw arc animated so badly rn //cries

nyuunivy is not becoming a weeaboo, or at least she hopes so rip
  • Listening to: MOB CHOIR - 99 [90 minute cut]
  • Reading: String Theory and the 10+ dimensions of reality
  • Playing: Submachine Universe
  • Drinking: milk


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. nyuunivy .
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
| niv/nyuu/ivy/whatever | 17 | Female | Romantically indifferent | Sexually oblivious |

| Italian/Asian | fluent Italian, English | beginner/intermediate Japanese | beginner German |
| beginner at a Conlang I'm making rip |


ah? h-hello, a-and welcome to my page! qvq
i'm just one of the many artists on the internet that likes drawing and making stories.
started drawing for passion ever since I was 9, and I'm still 9 years old mentally still going c':
eager to talk to people here, yet i'm very slow at replying and a bit shy at interacting... so it's not your fault, i'm sorry ;;^;;

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